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 Serifos Property & Houses For Sale - Real Estate In Greece
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Ikaria - Armenistis
New Maisonettes

Price: €209,000 -  125 m2
Bedrooms: 3  Baths: 2


Quick Facts: Serifos
Pronunciation Seh-re-phos
Alternate Spelling Seriphos
Transportation Ferry, hydrofoil
Main Attractions Beaches, scenery
Food Several good choices
Accommodations Several good choices

Serifos Characteristics

greece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beachesgreece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beachesSerifos, with a population of 1,500, lies 73 nautical miles from Piraeus. Serifos has a land mass of 73 sq. km and its coastline is 70 km. long. Serifos' closest Cycladic neighbor is Sifnos. In antiquity the island was a prosperous iron and copper mining center which minted its own frog-embossed coinage.

Island Features

greece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beachesgreece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beachesSerifos has sandy beaches but is quite barren. However, Serifos has its own unique species of the Carnation. Sirifos also grows olives and almonds.

The sea around Serifos is clean and the fish fresh and relatively inexpensive. Livadi is the greenest spot on the island and where many Germans and French tourists like to visit in summer. Many yachts moor within the protection of the harbor. The islands hilltop village of Hora has a Byzantine-Venetian castle. There is also a stalactite cave and Greek Orthodox Monastery. Serifos makes it own wine from the hardy rhodites grape.

All the beaches are accessible on foot and are unspoiled.


greece greek islands serifos Livadi, set in a beautiful, well-protected, wide semicircular bay boasts Serifos most amenities with quite a few rooms to let and several hotels. Nightlife is most apparent in the port of Livadi. You can make out the town and dock below in the picture at left. There's a sizeable yacht marina in Livadi.

The further along the long combination sand and pebble beach you go, the less expensive the rooms and tavernas become. Within easy walking distance from Livadi is the crowded Livadakia beach. Thirty minutes south of Livadi is the Karavi Beach, which is popular with nudists. To the east is the beach at Lia.

High on the hill 6km above stands the dazzling white Hora, (pop. 400) one of the prettiest Cycladic island towns. You can take the bus or climb ancient stairs. Its narrow alleyways and serpentine paths were made purposefully confusing to foil pirate attacks. The town hall contains a small collection of archeological finds from around the island. It has its own small Venetian Castle, now in ruins. Many of Hora's cube-shaped homes are built of stone taken from the caste. Hora is barren and rocky, but geranium trees grow there, some as much as 12 feet high! In the spring, the rare carnation that grows only on Serifos may be seen in Hora.

The view from the crag that Hora clings to is breathtaking. The the view of Hora from afar is equally charming, with its whitewashed stone.

A 20 minute walk northeast (there's also a road) is Psilli Amos beach, one of the islands' nicest.

Beyond Hora

greece greek islands serifos greece greek islands serifos The road continues beyond Hora on to Megalo Horio or Big Village which is considered the location of the ancient Serifos capital. It is the center of the old mining district and has a beach below called Megalo Livadi or Big Prairie where the ore used to be loaded for export.

From Megalo Horio the road continues to Koutalas and its 6th Century marble Kastro ths Grias or ''Castle of the Old Lady." Nearby is the Cave of the Cyclops discovered during mining operations. The cave has a small lake and two stalactite chambers (bring your own flashlight). There are two smallish beaches close by, Ganema and Malliadiko. From here you can follow a path back to Livadi.

greece greek islands serifos From Hora a paved road descends past Panagia village with the islands oldest church–built in the 10th Century.

At Galani is the17th Century Monastery of the Taxiarchos or Monastery of the Archangels. This is the most important monument on the island. This church contains a precious altar, frescoes by the famous painter Skordilis and Byzantine manuscripts.

The road continues to the island's little fertile corner, the wine-producing Kalitsos district. Kalistsos also features almond and olive orchards. Plati Giallos beach is just past the Monastery and on the other side of Galani is Sikamia Bay with a beach, taverns, shade and fresh water.

Drinking and Dining

In LIvadi, for non-Greek dishes try Mokka Restaurant at the end of the port with an eclectic mix of Greek and foreign clientele and even, on a good night, Indian style chicken and saag paneer.

Serifos is a small undeveloped island with little in the way of luxury hotels although there are several smaller pleasant ones which fill up in the summer.


One of the oldest Greek myths is set on Serifos. According to Greek myth Perseus, slayer of Medusa, was born here and grew to manhood after arriving on a bladder or in a box with his mother Danae. They were fleeing the wrath of Arkisius, King of Argos, her father. Soothsayers foretold to Akrisius that he would be slain by her son. So he locked her in a tower away from men. But she, being so comely, attracted Zeus himself who, in a shower of golden rain, fathered Perseus. Akrisios set mother and son adrift in a chest, which Zeus is purported to have guided to Serifos.

When the mother and son first arrived on the island they were taken in by the kindly fisherman who took them to the King Polydectes who also wanted to marry Danae but was rebuffed. As Perseus grew to manhood he defended his mothers decision not to marry, so the King came up with the idea of sending him off to accomplish some tasks. The first one was to bring him the head of Medusa, the only mortal sister of the three Gorgon Sisters, with hair made of living snakes, bulging eyes and fang-like teeth.

Perseus, having God as his father and being no slouch, had the help of the Goddess Athena, who fitted him out with a mirrored shield, winged shoes and a cloak of invisibility. With the head in a bag, and after a side trip to save and dally with Andromeda, Perseus returned to Serifos, and showed Medusa's head to the king and his court who immediately turn to stone. The kindly fisherman became King and Perseus and Danae returned home to Argos causing Arkisius to skeedaddle out of town. The prophecy was fulfilled when Perseus accidentally put a javelin through the foot of his grandfather, who expired on the spot.

Serifos' history after all this is pretty bland and has the usual Ionian, Athenian, Delian, Persian, Phoenician, Macedonian, Roman, Byzantine, Venetian (The Micheli Family), Turkish, Russian (1770-1774), Nazi and Italian cast of characters common to the rest of the Cyclades.

More recently many islanders have immigrated abroad and to Athens.



This island is eye-catching and quiet. 


greece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beaches

greece greek islands serifos seriphos cyclades travel tourism guide accommodations sites history beaches

The Complete Details

Helpful Information
Transportation Facts
  • By Ferry: Daily from Piraeus, Kythnos, Milos and Sifnos
  • 4 times a week with Kimolos
  • Thrice weekly with Santorini, Folegandros, Sikinos and Ios.
  • Twice a week with Mykonos, and Paros
  • Once a week with Tinos and Syros
Island Resources
  • Tel. code: 2281
  • Port Authority: Tel: 51470
  • Post Code: 84005
  • Police Livadi, Tel: 51300

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