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Greece Property Buying Guide

The Greek Property Market

Perhaps it was the attention drawn to Greece when the Olympic Games were held there in 2004. Perhaps it was the entry of Greece into the European Union. No matter what the primary reason, Greece has begun to attract an ever growing number of foreign nationals who are investing in real estate in that country since the turn of the century. Indeed, to utilize an overused term -- when it comes to real estate, Greece is hot.

The greatest deal of real estate activity in Greece involves property that is used for vacation or holiday purposes. In point of fact, some of the fastest moving real estate markets in all of Europe are those that are located in Grecian resort communities. Literally thousands of people from a wide range of different countries can be found snatching up real estate in one or another of the various Grecian resort areas.

Foreign nationals have also invested heavily in commercial properties in Greece, particularly in the larger cities in the country. This includes investment in properties that house retail operations and enterprises as well as office buildings. The demand for office space within Greece -- again, particularly in the major cities -- has increased dramatically since Greece became a part of the European Union.

Investment Property in Greece

Again, in the aftermath of the Olympic Games, many real estate analysts maintain that the country -- particularly in and around Athens -- has been overbuilt, at least to some degree. This is a natural result in the aftermath of the Olympic Games and other large scale events such as the World's Fair.

In any event, this renders Greece an ideal locale for investment in real estate of all sorts -- industrial, commercial, residential, holiday property. This factor, coupled with Greece's admission into the EU, renders it a prime spot for realty investment. A significant number of foreign nationals have been attracted to the profitable Grecian real estate market at the present time.

Residential Real Estate in Greece - Single Family Properties

Low cost single family dwellings are rather difficult to find in the Athens metro-plex. If a person is interested in residential housing in that part of the country, the best bet at this point in time is apartments (which will be discussed in more detail shortly).

Understanding the functionality of the Athens residential market, there are a number of different areas beyond Athens in which single family residences can be purchased for a reasonable amount of money.

In addition, in different resort areas around the country there are some splendid (and pricy) villas and other properties that are attractive to well heeled foreign nationals who want second homes and holiday properties. With little difficulty on the hunt, a person with a bankroll to spend, can locate and purchase these types of homes.

Finally, there are farmsteads in different parts of Greece that are on the market. Some foreign nationals have taken to purchasing these types of properties which they then renovate and turn into magnificent second or holiday homes. Oftentimes, these properties can be purchased on the cheap and improved with only a moderate investment and expenditure. There are some foreign nationals who have taken to buying and then improving these properties after which they put them on the market and turn a tidy profit.

Apartments in Greece

With the return of the Olympic Games to Greece, there was a boom in the number of apartments that were being constructed in that country, particularly in and around Athens -- the site of the games. Once the games concluded, there was a general consensus that developers had overbuilt apartments in Greece, again particularly in and around the capital city.

With this said and understood the apartment market in Greece (most especially in and around Athens) truly has become one that favours buyers at this point in time. Consequently, many foreign investors have been active in purchasing property for sale in Greece. Many such foreign property buyers have realized outstanding deals in the apartment market in Athens and in surrounding communities at the present time.

Holiday Property in Greece

As has been mentioned previously, the vacation or holiday real estate market in Greece is "hot." Indeed, the demand for vacation real estate has continued to increase each and every year since the turn of the century.

The country of Greece is dotted with some of the most extraordinary resort, vacation and holiday destinations to be found anywhere in the world. Tourists from around the globe can be found flocking to Greece each and every year.

An ever growing number of foreign nationals have turned to purchasing vacation or holiday properties in different locations around Greece for two primary reasons. First of all, and as was noted, Greece is a very popular travel and tourist destination. Thus, many of these people are making the purchase of this type of real estate for their own, personal purposes. Through the ownership of this type of real estate, people -- including extended families -- can enjoy extended holidays in Greece.

In addition to purchasing holiday properties for their own usage, some farsighted individuals are purchasing villas in greece so that they can then, in turn, rent or lease these properties to other individuals. Because of the large number of people who travel to Greece each and every year, this type of property investment is proving to be very profitable for a significant number of foreign nationals.

Greece Property Buying Guide Details

Introduction: An introduction to buying property in Greece

Advantages & Disadvantages: What to take into account

Buying for investment: What you should know

Estate Agents: All you need to know to deal with estate agents

Cost of Property: Can you afford to buy property in Greece?

Property Prices: How much does property cost in Greece?

Fees: Extra costs when buying property in Greece

Inspections & Surveys: What you need to know

Buying Off Plan: How to buy property off plan

Conveyance: What is it and what does it entail

The purchase procedure: Buying a house step by step

Completion: The final step

Letting: An introduction to letting your home in Greece

Rules & Regulations: How to obtain a letting licence

Contracts & Taxation: What you need to know about contracts and tax

Letting Rates: Rental rates and how to increase your rental income

Using an agent: All you need to know about letting agents

Doing your own letting: All you need to know to do it yourself

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